About Us

The activities of Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

Founded in 1967 in Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications Ltd. keeps up to date with and endorses the latest trends in academic publishing. The editorial and publishing processes are supported by our own online management and publishing system integrated into the Scientific. Net website.

The trademark, Scientific.Net, was created by the company and represents one of the largest web resources providing high-demand content focused on science and engineering themes. Each year thousands of new academic publications enrich the Scientific.Net collection. It includes academic journals and book series that publish regular and special issues, volumes, conference proceedings, and monographs.

Top-rated higher educational and research institutions as well as consortia representing a whole country are subscribing to the Scientific.Net online library. Paperback books are sold all over the world via numerous partners adopting several distribution options.

Alongside with the traditional subscription-based model, Trans Tech Publications Ltd. has introduced optional Open Access publication for authors who want their work to be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The amount and use of freely accessible content on Scientific.Net is constantly growing.

Trans Tech Publications Ltd. strives to meet the high expectations of customers and partners via efficient service and high-quality products.