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Engineering Innovations is an open-access peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that highlights the latest scientific results on a wide range of modern development in various branches of engineering sciences. The journal is a companion journal to the highly recognized peer-reviewedJournal of Engineering Research in Africa.
Along with the traditional fields of engineering studies, the journal Engineering Innovations also welcomes research articles with significant impact on engineering development related, but not limited to:
- research and development of innovative solutions in niche areas such as aerospace and aviation, nanotechnologies, communication engineering, digital technologies, high-tech production, bio-technologies, and biomedical engineering;
- progress in cutting-edge areas, such as the design of the technological and production systems, management of modern manufacturing, including supply chains, operations management, automated production, and digital manufacturing;
- sustainability and ecological compatibility of modern production: clean technologies in energetic, hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy transition, zero-carbon manufacture, deep waste recycling, technologies of environmental recovery, and water treatment, lean manufacturing;
- resent engineering approaches and solutions, and integrated projects related to construction, development of sustainable transportation and urban infrastructures, productive agro- and food production.
The journal considers for publication the full-length papers in the form of scientific or review articles, research communications, or analysis of scientific news and views.

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Irregular: approx. 2-5 volumes per year.

Scope according THEMA Subject Categories:
PDG Industrial applications of scientific research and technological innovation
PDN Scientific equipment, experiments and techniques
PHDY Energy
PHF Materials / States of matter
PHP Particle and high-energy physics
PHV Applied physics
PHVG Geophysics
PHVS Cryogenics
RNU Sustainability
TB Technology: general issues
TBC Engineering: general
TBN Nanotechnology
TJF Electronics engineering
TJFC Circuits and components
TJFD Electronic devices and materials
TJFM Automatic control engineering
TJFM1 Robotics
TJKD Radar technology
TJKR Radio technology
TJKS Satellite communication technology
TQSR Waste treatment and disposal
TTM Military engineering
UB Information technology: general issues